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We promise our customers not to add pigments, sensitizers and harmful ingredients to our products. At the same time, to avoid all kinds of skin allergy, each of the added materials was examined and certified by the ECOCERT NATURE certification, the COSMOS certification, the MSDS, the SGS, and numerous international guaranteed certifications and skin stimulus tests. Each product formula was inspected through the R&D laboratory for at least two years; and the materials of the products have the perfect proportion.  Through manufacturing the products by the ISO 9001 international certified factory, it ensures that all users can have a high-quality, safer and effective professional skin care experience.

Technology metal superconducting layer

By using a gold or a silver foil outer layer to seal and repair the skin, and by simulating the experience of SPA thermal conduction as well as utilizing the unique structure of superconducting microcrystalline, this product can absorb and storage the essence and moisture nearly a hundred times of its nature. Each piece of 1mm thick microcrystalline substrates three-dimensional fiber mesh, which has more than 360,000 micro-fiber holes and a breathable and fit layer, providing the closeness and seamlessness to your skin.

Raw materials were certified by various international guaranteed inspections.

Ecocert: the Ecocert certification is an EU organic certification, a global organic certification landmark. Ecocert is the Europe's most iconic and authoritative certification institution. That is, by acquiring the Ecocert certification, the production process complies with ECOCERT Institute standard.


• Hyaluronic acid solution

The powerful moisturizing ingredient can lock up the skin moisture, and provide a long-lasting moisturizing effect in preventing dry skin, and provide the lubrication and softness to the skin. The solution has a strong water absorption in absorbing liquid; it can form a strong water magnetic field on the skin surface and provide sufficient moisture to the skin for all day.

• Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 can heal skin inflammation, treat acne, and moisten the skin. Moistening the skin can be considered as a way of anti-aging in a broad way, so Vitamin B3 also have the potential ability for anti-aging. Latest researches showed that Vitamin B3 can whiten the skin; therefore, it can be considered as an all-around skin care element.

Vitamin B5

Panthenol acid, also known as the vitamin B5. After absorbed by the skin, panthenol can be oxidized and become pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). It is an essential element for the synthesis of cell metabolism required by coenzyme A. D-panthenol can be absorbed deep into the skin, providing an effect of skin moisturizing.

• Aloe extract

Aloe extract contains mucopolysaccharide, which has a good lubricating and moisturizing effect. Its pH 4-5 nature is similar to our skin.  It can absorb skin erythema caused by UV radiation, cure inflammatory, prevent from future inflammatory, and promote the healing of the skin.

• Moisture-locked magnet

ECOCERT certified

PENTAVITIN is a kind of moisturizing ingredient different from others. It can firmly grasp the moisture like a magnet in a very low humidity environment; in other words, it provides an excellent moisturizing experience. PENTAVITIN is an isomerized D-glucan made by biochemical synthesis, it has a similar structure like human stratum corneum. When applied to the skin, it can immediately combine the stratum corneum with lysine ε-amino acid functional groups; it, therefore, cannot easily wash away even with water—stick on your skin like a magnet. Besides, the function of another group of PENTAVITIN is to play a powerful hydration effect in dynamically maintaining skin moisture balance, its effects are of preventing skin percutaneous water dispersion (TEWL), and absorbing water from the outside world—resulting a long-lasting moisturizing condition. The experiment has already proved that using fruit acid products to your skin can easily cause you allergic. And PENTAVITIN can significantly improve the skin irritation caused by the fruit acid products.

• Allantoin

Allantoin can soften the stratum corneum, at the same time keep skin moisture. So it can make your skin smooth and tender as well as prevent skin from cracking. Allantoin can promote epithelial cell to proliferate, skin epidermal wound to heal quickly—thus, it is also a pharmaceutical ointment. In addition, it can reduce the possibility of allergies, skin irritation and others disease.

• Rose leaves plant cells

The wild rose of the Alps is the most beautiful flower in Switzerland, which grow at an altitude of 2,800 meters with "bell-shaped" pink flowers. The rose can adapt to harsh cold environment, extremely dry condition and cruel sunshine explosion, and deal with rapid weather changes. Its leaves are thick; the pores are covered with scales, which can effectively prevent the loss of water. It has a unique protein, which can protect its trunk from freeze. It contains a high level of catechins polyphenols, which can effectively fight against free radical damage. Catechins polyphenol contains taxifolin, rhodoxanthin, and essential oils, each has excellent antioxidant and protective protein and other active properties. Studies have shown that PhytoCellTec ™ Alp Rose rose’s leaves plant cells can not only let the skin vital, delay skin aging, keep the skin youthful, but also help the skin against climate change, reduce skin moisture loss, and effectively heal dry and vulnerable skin.

• Bee venom peptides

Known as a natural and safe therapy for anti-wrinkle, bee venom peptide has been prevalent in Europe and the United States and South Korea. Its essence was extracted from the bee venom biological active ingredients (bee poison glands), containing a variety of proteins and more than 55 kinds of enzyme. It has a deep antioxidant effect, can be used to generate the collagen, and recycle elastin. Because of the scarcity of bee venom and the obviousness of anti-wrinkle effect, bee venom is considered as a precious skin care.

• Phalaenopsis extraction

By using patented high-efficiency-and-low-temperature extraction equipment to extract the essence of precious Phalaenopsis, Phalaenopsis extraction can improve the capacity of the skin moisture absorbing, moisture the skin, lock-up moisture within the skin surface, and whiten the skin. All in all, it makes skin tender and shiny.

• Hyaluronic acid

ECOCERT certified

The powerful moisturizing indigent can lock up the skin moisture, and provide a long-lasting moisturizing effect in preventing dry skin, and maintain the lubrication and softness to the skin. The acid has a strong water absorption nature in absorbing liquid; it can form an intensive water magnetic field on the skin surface and provide enough moisture to the skin for all day.

• Vitamin E

Vitamin E has a good lipid antioxidant function in preventing skin from aging, providing a good antioxidant effect to the skin, decreasing the aging rate of the skin, and making the skin shiny.

• Sea fennel plant cells-a French national treasure plants

Sea fennel is widely praised by French ladies, they consider it is the secret skin care recipe.

Scientists have found that CIC-2 in sea fennel is an effective component used against skin moisture loss.

Sea fennel grows on uncontaminated, pollution-free French coasts of Brittany, where the roots of it must absorb the nutrients of the coasts to survive through the harsh environment and, therefore, it has developed a unique life system.

The growing season of sea fennel is limited to spring, and the harvesting season is from April to June. Hence, the sea fennel is viewed as a national treasure plant, which is restricted from improper exploiting. Because of the characteristics of hand-collecting and slow growing rate, sea fennel is known as "one of the rarest skin care ingredients in the 21st century."

The reason why the essence of sea fennel is known as the rarest skin care ingredient in the 21st century is because it is extracted from the roots of the sea fennel; and 10 kilograms of sea fennel can only extract one gram of plant cells (the essence of sea fennel). Also, the texture of the sea fennel’s plant cells is very like human skin cells, it has an excellent capacity to repair the skin. It can also adjust the skin melanin disorders, restore the skin's antioxidant function, and promote skin metabolism.

• Golden algae

The algae can effectively shield the skin from UVB irradiation, also suppress sunburn cells for repairing the damaged skin. The marine polysaccharide extracted from algae can continue the vitality of collagen, as well as maintain/promote the elasticity, desalination, smoothing, elimination of the wrinkles of the skin, in preventing the aging of the skin.

• Red pomegranate extract

Scientist found that red pomegranate is rich in anthocyanins and polyphenols and other active ingredients, including ellagic acid, which has anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory functions. The red pomegranate extract (PFE) can prevent the skin from ultraviolet ray damage and can reduce the swelling of the inflammation. The extract also contains rich phytoestrogens, which can reduce wrinkles, delay skin aging, and whiten the skin. Red pomegranate extract can be said as the best skin care ingredients.

• Four peptides

Four peptides can strengthen the skin protection, cure the skin damage, improve skin microcirculation, enhance the condition of the skin, and sooth the winkle, and slow down the skin aging.

• Hydrolyzed wheat protein

ECOCERT certified

Hydrolyzed wheat protein is able to protect skin cells from UVB, and can be resistant to oxidation as well as soften the skin. It also gives the skin the moisture and eases the wrinkle. The product is designed for sunscreen and anti-allergy.